MAARQUII (they/them)


Trained in multiple dance styles MAARQUII (Marquise Dickerson) has had the honor to train and work with several amazing dancers collectives, and artists  in Portland, 11 Dance company, House of Ada and Chanti Darling.



Theresia (she/her)

With a background in African Dance and 5 years of practicing Yoga, Theresia is a recent graduate of the certification program at the BhaktiShop Yoga School in SE Portland.  Also a recent transplant to Portland, Theresia is looking forward to moving with you.  

Shireen (she/her)

Shireen has pursued her lifelong interest in movement arts through training in yoga, dance, circus arts and aerial dance. She has been dancing with fire since 1999, and is known for her fluid style, innovative movements and mesmerizing performances.  An accomplished teacher as well as performer, she has taught circus skills, object manipulation and aerial arts to students of all ages, come learn with Shireen!

denise and hernandez.jpg

Denise Johnson (she/her) and Hernandez Williams (he/him)

Lead instructors, Denise Johnson and Hernandez Williams have been on their Chicago-Style Steppin’ journey since 2010 and 2008, respectively. Teaching since 2012, they travel extensively to attend workshops and take lessons from some of the current leading Chicago Steppers in the nation.   Learning the art of Chicago-Style Steppin’ is a journey.  A true Stepper knows the more you learn, the more you recognize you have more to learn! With that in mind, Master instructor (with 30+ years of experience) and Groovin’ High Steppers’ mentor, Keith Hubbard, makes monthly visits to Portland, Oregon for special lessons and workshop activities.

Our philosophy is simple: “Approach the dance with humility”; “Practice, Practice and Practice some more”, and “There is a leader and a follower in the dance. One person cannot be both within the same dance!”



Akela (she/her)

Akela has been dancing in portland for 13 years. She received her primary training at Jefferson high school and has worked with a number companies in the city. She considers herself a movement artist, because she is deeply invested in the creative side of dance: choreography, direction and spiritual practice. She currently dances and choreographs for The Last Artful Dodgr, Maarquii and Chanti Darling, while growing as a mover who uses their medium both for entertainment and for healing.

Pamela (she/her)


 I was born in California, and moved to Southern Oregon when I was almost 13.  When I was 20, I decided to move to Portland to finish my undergrad.  I found my passion for yoga while in graduate school.  It was an outlet that assisted me with staying physically fit, and helped to manage the stress of working full time and going to school.  Following graduate school, I felt that the next natural step was to become certified to be a yoga instructor.  One of my passions is to find creative ways to bring yoga to those who don't typically think yoga is for them, and to those who may not have the means or ability to practice at a studio. 

My job is working full time at Legacy Health; driving their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs.  In addition, I volunteer on many community boards, and I am a state appointed commissioner.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to teach at Firelight and now at (com)motion.  I also teach weekly at lunch for my co-workers, and at a non-profit in downtown Portland.  


Kristen (she/her)

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.  I have been training in a variety of dance styles since I was 2 years old.  I danced for the University of North Texas dance team while in college and did a season with Unseen dance crew here in Portland.  For the last 5 years I have helped coach the Westview High School Dance Team and been hired as a choreographer for other programs as well.  I am excited to be teaching here at (Com)motion now and am looking forward to working with lots of new faces.


Tyra (she/her)

I am originally from New Orleans, now living in the beautiful NW and I love teaching fitness stateside and internationally. The reason is simple: Every class/clinic/session feels like a party! I am a Certified Group Exercise Instructor, Fitness Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer. With years in the fitness industry and dance, I am here to provide an energetic and fun experience.



Bouton (they/them)

I have studied and practiced modern dance and improv for 5 years and have been vogueing in Portland's ballroom scene and in various drag, burlesque, and variety shows up along the west coast.  


Zeyah (she/her, they/them)

Zeyah is a holistic health practitioner who has been teaching yoga and mindful movement practices since 2008. In addition to teaching group classes, Zeyah has a private practice providing massage and somatic psychotherapy to individual clients. Zeyah is continuously inspired by the energy that is generated when people come together to practice self-care in community and is struck by the sense of belonging and embodied empowerment that is made possible in these spaces.


Jose (he/him)

Jose has over 50 years of teaching experience in Okinawan style Shotokan Karate.   Hailing from Puerto Rico, he represented his country at the 5th World Traditional Karate Championship in Lima, Peru in 1990.   He was also recognized at the Latin American Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1997 and at the Karate Voice's Hall of Fame in 2001.  He holds an International Instructor License from the International Martial Arts Federation of Japan.  Following is a short list of some of his training accomplishments:  

-Black Belt 8th Dan, Kyoshi Karatedo

-Black Belt 7th Dan, Kyoshi Okinawa Kobudo (Okinawan Weaponry) 

-Black Belt 3rd Dan, Shidoin Nihon Jujutsu 

-Chief Instructor United Alliance of Shoto Karatedo - UASK

-Chief Instructor Okinawa Budo Kenkyukai - OKIBUKAI

-Chief Instructor Okinawa Kobayashi Shorinryu Karate Kobudo - Puerto Rico Shorinryu


Brandon (he/him)

Brandon Harrison is the father/founder of the Kiki House of Flora in Portland, OR.  He has been training in vogue since 2016.  He has travelled to major ballroom scenes in New York, LA, and San Francisco to gain additional knowledge and history about the ballroom community to share with the growing kiki ballroom scene in Portland. 


Rubén (he/him, they/them)

I have practiced yoga for six years in different studios and gyms in TN and in OR.  After a
surgery that left me wheelchair bound for nine months I needed a way to take my body back in a powerful way.  I found that through yoga.  I then moved to Portland in 2015 to study yoga and found my way to Guatemala.  I received certification to teach on the beautiful lake  Atitlán of Guatemala in November of 2017.