Dance Classes

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Foundation chicago style steppin (level 1 & level 2 w/ denise and hernandez)

(Tuesdays at 7pm- level 1, and 8pm- level 2)

Our six-week FOUNDATION CHICAGO-STYLE STEPPIN’ 1 and 2 courses teach students the core elements of both foot-patterns and partnering.  Groovin’ High Steppers strives to provide students an authentic Chicago perspective of Steppin’.  Students will learn not only the structure of the dance (foot-patterns), but its nuances and important etiquette that will provide you with the confidence to dance (Step) at any Chicago-Steppin’ local, regional and national event; or any place where folks are Steppin!  This energy-packed, highly-structured series (level 1) is designed for students who have no Chicago Steppin’ experience. This social dance rooted in various African American swing dance traditions (The Bop, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Detroit Ballroom, D.C. Hand Dancing, to name a few) and music (R & B, Smooth Jazz, Neo-Soul) is the perfect social activity for singles and couples.  

You can find out more about Denise, Hernandez, and the Groovin High Steppers at where you can also register for their classes at (com)motion, or by going to "Register" on our website.

$75/session for individual dancers, $135/session for couples

Vogue/session (brandon)

(Thursdays 7-8:30pm Vogue class, 8:30-9pm Ballroom Session) 

Vogue & Session is the perfect place to learn the fundamentals of vogue!  The last 30-minutes are designed to provide space to session and practice the movement.  Each week there will be a ballroom-centered intention for the session which may include Dramatic Vogue/Soft & Fem Vogue/Runway practice.  

Sliding Scale $10-$15

ballet (kelly)

(Sundays 11-12pm Family Dance, 12-1pm Ballet for Movers) 

bALLet- Family Dance, is an inclusive, community-based ballet class for children and adults, focusing on creative movement and fun!  Get ready for a totally different kind of ballet class, including popular music, movement modifications, and silliness.  This class is designed for families, and welcome to all.  

bALLet for movers is arranged similarly to bALLet the basics, but designed for experienced movers with limited or no ballet experience, and is also welcome to all.  

These classes are structured to remove body shaming, gender conformity, and perfectionism- as well as instill body positivity and be a celebration of individuality.  Both classes are offered on a sliding scale to allow for accessibilty. 

Sliding Scale $5-$15

beginner's dance (mia)

(Sundays 4-4:45pm for ages 5-7. Sundays 5-6 for ages 8-10. New session starts January 6th!)

Dance classes for youth ages 5-10 years old.  Early class for younger kids 5-7, later class for older kids 8-10. No dance experience necessary.  Contact instructor for scholarships and more information:

$120 for 6 weeks contact Mia for scholarships and registration forms.

afrofusion (bahia)

(Wednesdays 7:15-8:45pm)

AfroFusion is a high powered dance workout which incorporates dance styles from the African Diaspora! Soca (Trinidad and Tobago), Azonto (Ghana), Gweta (Botswana), Shoki (Nigeria), along with some traditional West African dance styles and rhythms like Kuku and Mandiani (Guinea) and a few signature hip hop features from the US. Prepare to sweat a ton, wurkyabody and wineitup! 

$10 drop in/ $80 for a 10 week session available in person

2in2it (zalayshia)

(Friday 7-8:30pm starting September 28)

The feminine body is a sensual, intuitive and powerful body that has limitless creative potential...And in this class we tune into our bodies and let our feminine magick play!! We dance! But this is more than a dance class, it's a transformative experience that realigns you, reawakens sensuality and helps you remember your power. All that and the perks that come along with moving your body including boosted confidence & more self-love! No expectations just let loose, be you and turn ya sexy on!

$10-$15 sliding scale

hula basics (leina’ala)

(Tuesdays 5:00-5:45pm- starting November 6th!)

Through the hula, dancers will be immersed in the culture of Hawaiʻi, and the language. They will learn basic Hawaiian songs and hula technique that includes proper posture, steps, and hand movement.   

$5-$10 sliding scale, 1st class is free!

groov3 (leina’ala)

(Tuesdays 5:45-6:45pm starting November 6th)

More than just dance classes – its indeed a place where you DANCE, SWEAT & LIVE far beyond your workout. Through the power of dance, supporting the idea dance should be accessible to all.

$5-$10 sliding scale, First class is free!

Femme fatalent (rosina)

(Mondays 5:45-6:50pm)

Femme Fatalent is a fusion of jazz, hip hop, and lyrical dance styles. The class starts with technique to get you moving, strengthen your body and get your fabulousness pumping. We maintain alignment and move with intention. For the second half of class, we celebrate our hard work with some fun and sassy choreography. All levels welcome! 

$10 drop in

zumba (amela)

(Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm)

It's a blast! Latin inspired dance fitness incorporating Latin and international music and dance movement. Exciting and exhilarating effective fitness program. For dancers and non dancers alike. Designed for everyone! 

$10-$15 Sliding Scale

dance & desire (paulette)

(Tuesdays 11am-12:30pm)

Dance with Desire… From the Body to the Page… with Paulette Rees-Denis

Dance, Write, Dream…

Join me for a 4-week movement and journaling class, time for YOU, to move, dream, work it out and bring it on!

Rewrite your life, redefine your sexy, move that body, and move your pen…

Flowy, sensual, feminine groovin’ and workout, mixed with dreaming, reflecting, renewing, and declaring what YOU are wanting and desiring to bring forth!

4-week series, January 8th to January 29th. $99 for the series

ballet 1/2 (rajah)

(Saturdays 3:15-4:30pm)

An all inclusive ballet class, for ages 14 and up, where we will learn the basic positions, movements, somatic applications, and choreography. Please come dressed to move, in socks or ballet shoes.