Dance Classes

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ballet all (kelly)

(Sundays 11-12pm Family Dance, 12-1pm Ballet for Movers) 

bALLet- Family Dance, is an inclusive, community-based ballet class for children and adults, focusing on creative movement and fun!  Get ready for a totally different kind of ballet class, including popular music, movement modifications, and silliness.  This class is designed for families, and welcome to all.  

bALLet for movers is arranged similarly to bALLet the basics, but designed for experienced movers with limited or no ballet experience, and is also welcome to all.  

These classes are structured to remove body shaming, gender conformity, and perfectionism- as well as instill body positivity and be a celebration of individuality.  Both classes are offered on a sliding scale to allow for accessibilty. 

Sliding Scale $5-$15

groov3 (leina’ala)

(Tuesdays 5:45-6:45pm starting November 6th)

More than just dance classes – its indeed a place where you DANCE, SWEAT & LIVE far beyond your workout. Through the power of dance, supporting the idea dance should be accessible to all.

$8-$12 sliding scale

zumba (amela)

(Sundays 9:30am-10:30am)

It's a blast! Latin inspired dance fitness incorporating Latin and international music and dance movement. Exciting and exhilarating effective fitness program. For dancers and non dancers alike. Designed for everyone! 

$10-$15 Sliding Scale