Martial Arts Classes

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Introduction to Karate Workshop

(Saturdays new series starting June 2nd!  11:30am-1:00pm)

This activity is open to the entire family ages 6 and over. This workshop will focuses on the basic moves and techniques of Karate. The participants will learn body mechanics used specifically during different self-defense scenarios to keep themselves out of harm’s way. In addition, the benefits gained by this type of training will help the participants to reduce stress; develop power, flexibility, and coordination; increased of stamina, improvement of balance and body posture as well.
Previous martial arts experience is not necessary. However, if you have any martial arts experience, let us know before the training starts - out of courtesy.
Be aware that this is a hands-on activity, so come mentally prepared to actively participate in all 4 training sessions. You will be encouraged to try your best while you learn at your own pace. There will not be any contact activity among the participants. Please wear comfortable clothing such as sweat pants and tee shirt. We wear NO SHOES during training.  The objectives of this workshop are to provide you with a positive martial arts learning experience, and that you come out of it with life skills that will assist you in your future daily life activities. Each participant will receive a Recognition of Participation Certificate at the last class in the session.
($50 per participant for all 4 sessions- sign up online; $45 for each additional family member- additional family members must pay in person for $45 price)