(com)motion is a collaborative effort between the teachers in the community, and Our 42nd Avenue, a local nonprofit, to develop a multicultural movement studio in the Cully neighborhood of Northeast Portland.  In an effort to create a space that serves underrepresented community members in Portland's fitness world, we want to offer various forms of movement from African Dance to Yoga, Capoeira, and everything in between.    Often, movement spaces are specific to a certain art.  While originated by passionate people, they aren't necessarily constructed with the express intention of reflecting the community they serve.  Fostering a space that deliberately reflects our community's diversity is essential, especially in this time of accelerating change. 

(com)motion is a movement space where everyone feels welcomed and empowered to share their expressions of culture and self.

The studio is a flexible space with sprung-wood floors, universal lighting, floor-to-ceiling windows and mirrors, and a high quality sound system. In order to support a variety of teachers and students, we hope to raise funds for as a means of keeping the space affordable, accessible, and inclusive.

Let's put our community in motion, support (com)motion!!

If you're interested in supporting affordable community movement space for all, please visit our donations page!