fitness classes

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restorative pilates (tyra)

(Saturdays 9:00-10:00am)

Classic studio style mat with an emphasis on aligning, balancing and restoring the body. Bring a mat.

All classes $10, underemployed $5-$10, unemployed Barter (email approval required)


my people's cardio (tyra)

(Saturdays 10:00am-11:00am)

Are you a shower dancer? Do you have to drop it in the middle of cleaning to that sick background beat? Then you are my people! Get that heart rate up and torch calories to hip-hop and throwback jams. Bring a towel!

All classes $10, underemployed $5-$10, unemployed Barter (email approval required)

 barre + afrobeats (zalayshia)

(Sundays 7-8pm)

Barre is a ballet-inspired workout that fuses elements of dance, Pilates, Yoga and functional training  to lengthen, strengthen and tone your muscles for improved posture, flexibility and core strength in everyday activities. I’m spicin’ it up African-style with some afrobeat music and traditional West African movement that will surely awaken that body!! Bring your mat and join me in a fun low-impact, high-energy class! All fitness levels welcome!

Sliding Scale $10-$15

 GROOV3 (leina’ala)

(Tuesdays 6-6:50pm)

More than just dance classes – its indeed a place where you DANCE, SWEAT & LIVE far beyond your workout. Through the power of dance, supporting the idea dance should be accessible to all.

$5-$10 sliding scale, First class is free!