Dance Classes

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Vogue (Maarquii)

(Friday evenings, 5:30-7pm)

As so above so below and as the moon transforms we will too! This will be a class of variety of drills and routines in vogue.  We will focus on technique and strength building- incorporating skills from my experience in vogue, street dance, and contemporary movement. 

Trained in multiple dance styles MAARQUII (Marquise Dickerson) has had the honor to train and work with several amazing dancers collectives, and artists  in Portland, 11 Dance company, House of Ada and Chanti Darling. 

 Fee: $5-$10 sliding scale or $15, pay what you can!


Foundation chicago style steppin (level 1 & level 2 w/ denise and hernandez)

(Tuesdays at 7pm- level 1, and 8pm- level 2)

Our six-week FOUNDATION CHICAGO-STYLE STEPPIN’ 1 and 2 courses teach students the core elements of both foot-patterns and partnering.  Groovin’ High Steppers strives to provide students an authentic Chicago perspective of Steppin’.  Students will learn not only the structure of the dance (foot-patterns), but its nuances and important etiquette that will provide you with the confidence to dance (Step) at any Chicago-Steppin’ local, regional and national event; or any place where folks are Steppin!  This energy-packed, highly-structured series (level 1) is designed for students who have no Chicago Steppin’ experience. This social dance rooted in various African American swing dance traditions (The Bop, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Detroit Ballroom, D.C. Hand Dancing, to name a few) and music (R & B, Smooth Jazz, Neo-Soul) is the perfect social activity for singles and couples.  

You can find out more about Denise, Hernandez, and the Groovin High Steppers at where you can also register for their classes at (com)motion, or by going to "Register" on our website.


Hip Hop/jazz funk (akela)

(Sunday Evenings, 5-6:30pm)

Beginning with a short strengthening and stretching warm up, this class will focus on musicality and confidence building in choreography. We will move at a pace that is comfortable for all students, while maintaining an intention to build stamina and challenge ourselves. This class is for dancers who are comfortable learning choreography, and interested in exploring and fine tuning their personal style within the class setting.

                       All ages  (sign up by going to the "register" tab!)              

Drop In: $12, 4-week session $40 (if money is an issue, email us at and we can put you in touch with the instructor)


family dance party! (jen)

(Saturdays 1:30-2:30pm) 

Come to Family Dance Party! with your family (all ages) prepared to have fun and move to a wide variety of genres of music, songs chosen for dance-ability (and screened for kid-friendly lyrics). Dance is a shortcut to joy, so come take it! Jen leads participants in some basic steps and group movement activities – with a lot of room for improvisation. The focus of this class is on having fun moving together, and meeting new friends. Maybe you’ll learn some steps along the way – or maybe you’ll teach the group some of your moves! Have a genre, artist, or song that just gets you out of your seat? Let Jen know and she’ll try to get it into the rotation! Jen has created a family class that she has been searching for since her oldest was born more than a decade ago.

All ages (sign up by going to the register tab)

Your first class is free!- you can skip signing up online :D  Then cost is sliding scale, $10-15 per family per class


Burlesque (kristen)

(Wednesdays 7-7:55pm)

The style of this class is very sexy and girly.  It’s burlesque inspired with a modern spin.  Not a class where you learn how to do burlesque preforming and take your clothes off.  This is a great opportunity for dancers to gain confidence in their movements and feel good in their own skin.  If you are curious at all, come and try it.  It will be blast whether you are new to dance or a seasoned dancer. I will be giving modifications while I teach so students have the option to make the dance easier for them or more difficult. 

·         $10 for the hour, purchase all 6 weeks for $55.00

Hip-hop (kristen)

(Wednesdays 8:05-9:00pm)

This class will incorporate many different styles of hip hop in the routines you learn each week.  We will move at a pace that is comfortable for all students while building your own personal style and stamina.  Each class will begin with a short warm up and stretch followed by instruction on a routine.  As I teach I will teach modifications that will allow dancers to make the routine easier for them or more challenging.  If you are curious at all, come and give it a try! I promise this class will be a blast for all levels of dancers.

·         $10 for the hour, purchase all 6 weeks for $55.00

c**temporary dance (bouton)

(Thursdays 7-8pm, Open Level; 8-9pm Advanced)

This class is an experimental vogue femme approach to modern dance.  Encompassing elements from each of those two styles/dance cultures with the goal of creating new forms of movement within ourselves and as a community.   For the first seven weeks of this class, all of the profit will go to local immigrant rights support group, Pueblo Unido (check them out on Facebook!), towards covering attorney fees for local undocumented community members.  

$15 per class (speak with instructor or email for other arrangements)

samba (pauline) 

(Saturdays, 11am-12pm)

Samba is the most joyful music and dance I know. Beginners, you will learn ro samba with me!  For those who already know how to samba, I will help you get to that next level.  Do you want to perform?  That’s my specialty! 

$12 per class or $50 for 5 classes (contact instructor for payment arrangements at

zumba (monica)

(Mondays, 5:45-6:45pm)

    My Zumba classes are structured to develop your cardiovascular and physical strength: exercise hidden within the music, movement, and choreography. The only rules are to sweat and smile!

Sliding Scale $5-$10


(Saturdays 9:00am-9:55am)

This ain't like any Zumba class you have every attended. We will explore the African influence in Latin and World music. Bring an extra butt because you will melt off the one you brought. Bring a towel!

All classes $10, underemployed $5-$10, unemployed Barter (email approval required)

zumba (debby)

(Saturday March 3rd & March 10th, subbing for Tyra)

Move and dance to international rhythms- shake it your way!!  All welcome! -Low tread comfortable athletic shoes (sneakers!) and water recommended

homebody:mapping the collective body language (ana)

(Sundays 7:15-8:15pm)

Mapping the Collective through movement based inquiry. A super gentle somatic meditation +
movement practice.  A great way to relax into your Sunday evening!  Bring a blanket and pillows!

$5 suggested donation, you can also donate gently used blankets or props!